Pests In The Redlands

The Redlands are such a beautiful part of Brisbane but being so close to the water also means that we are more likely to have rodent problems.

In the Redlands we find that the coastal brown ants species are more common than in other suburbs. They are small reddish brown ants and love to nest around bathrooms, especially showers.

Black ants are common in tropical gardens where rotting plant materials are abundant. This rotting plants are super food for ants. Within these gardens you can also find a variety of spiders. Our aim is to prevent the spiders from entering your home and to treat all redbacks around your property.

Termites are a threat to your home anywhere in the Redlands. It is essential for home owners to have an annual inspection. Apart from giving you peace of mind we can identify any risks around your home that may attract any termite activity in the coming months.