The importance of getting termites treated professionally

We find that homeowners sometimes take the cheap route of treating termites by DIY methods. There are quite a few risks involved with a DIY option or a backhanded cash deal.

  1. When you grab that can of insect spray and spray it into the workings, you will kill some termites you see. The majority will however retract and are highly likely to resurface somewhere else in your home in the near future.
  2. Buying an inexpensive termiticide from your local hardware store is exactly that. It is a cheap product that will not have a long-lasting effect. These products are repellent poisons and will cause termites to actively look for another entry spot to breach.
  3. Using a pestie you need to ask the following:Have you received any warranties for the treatments? (Ours is 8 years)

    Did you get a certificate of treatment from the pestie’s insurer and is the insurance number and insurer listed on the document?

  4. Did they put a durable notice in your electricity meter board or in your kitchen cupboard? This notice has the company details and other relevant information on it.
  5. If you are going to sell your home these factors will play a key role in selling your property and the sale price you ask.