Redlands Pest Inspection

Marine Pest Inspections and Treatment Brisbane

Boats are moored for long periods of time. Big cockroaches running around on the jetty will come and hide in the crevices of your boat. When taking supplies onto your boat, cockroaches and cockroach eggs can be secreted in the boxes you get from your suppliers. Nothing worse that having a German cockroach problem as […]

Redlands Pest Inspection

The importance of getting termites treated professionally

We find that homeowners sometimes take the cheap route of treating termites by DIY methods. There are quite a few risks involved with a DIY option or a backhanded cash deal. When you grab that can of insect spray and spray it into the workings, you will kill some termites you see. The majority will […]

Redlands Pest Inspection

Pests In The Redlands

The Redlands are such a beautiful part of Brisbane but being so close to the water also means that we are more likely to have rodent problems. In the Redlands we find that the coastal brown ants species are more common than in other suburbs. They are small reddish brown ants and love to nest […]

Redlands Pest Inspection

Reproductive Termite Flight – Should I Be Stressed!

Wе have all had that gut wrenching feeling of awakening on a warm spring morning to discover ten, fifty or even hundreds of termites crawling around our home. For a lot of us this will send us into a blind panic scurrying around our home trying to discover the source of the infestation. Shоuld wе […]

German Cockroaches – What You Need To Know.

My friends think. I often espouse about the German Cockroach and what a menace they are, to be honest I think they think I am a little excited about them. Well I’m not excited but I do recognise a nasty pest species when I see one. Most people don’t worry about the German Cockroach as […]