Have Questions?

We understand that sometimes you may have questions about the services we provide.

Below are some of our frequently asked questions.

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Can I expect to see no pests at all after the pest control has been done.

No, unfortunately pest control does not stop pests entering the home, but when they walk over the treated area the treatment will affect them. Depending on how bad your pest problem was before treatment it is not uncommon to see more pests after we have done pest control because they will come out of the woodwork so to speak and will be weak and slow before they eventually die. After the initial breeding process of 6 – 8 weeks you will see significantly less pests.

How long will the technician take to do my pest control?

Allow approximately 1 – 1 ½ hours depending on the size of your home. Our technicians take the time needed to do a thorough job.

Should I leave my home while the pest control is being done.

No, there is no need to leave your home. Queensland Health have very strict guidelines for licenced pest controllers to be sure they use products that are safe for humans and animals as the treatment is used in Schools, Day Care centres etc. The treatment has no odour so there will be no smell left behind after it is done.

Do I need to empty kitchen cupboards or any other cupboards.

No, for a general pest control there is no need to empty cupboards. The only time cupboards need to be emptied is if you have an infestation of german cockroaches. If you suspect you have german cockroaches talk to our consultant and they will go through what is needed for this treatment.

When you do the termite check, what areas will they check.

We will check the inside of the house using a Donger/Tapper to check skirting boards, door frames and window frames etc. We also use a moisture metre to detect if there are any areas of concern that may have a high moisture reading. Please ask our consultant if you require an inspection with thermal imaging equipment as not all of our technician have this equipment available. However no equipment can replace the knowledge of an experienced technician when it comes to detecting termites.

What areas do I need to treat with an Ant Spray.

Generally speaking an Ant infestation not only includes the ants which you can see for example in your kitchen but also an Ant Nest which will commonly be outside of your home where conditions are more suitable. For this reason when we treat ants we may treat them where they are visible in your home but we will also treat the externals of your home to prevent the ants from re-entering your property.

What shouldn't I do after a pest treatment.

It is important to note that the insects which are in your home need time to come into contact with the chemicals which have been applied. For this reason it is important that for at least 7 days that you do not use a wet cleaning agent like a mop or steam mop on areas which have been treated. It is OK to sweep of vacuum during this period.