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  • Termites

    If you suspect you have termites CALL A PEST BULLY INSPECTOR BEFORE you disturb any potential infestation. This is because once a colony is disturbed it may retreat to the nest only to reinfest in a new location before they can be treated with a nest killing chemical.

    Contributing Factors

    When your home was built it would have been treated with an under slab termite protection chemical. It may also have other forms of termite protection installed. These termite protections however don't last forever and once they are gone or breached termites are free to enter your home. Your defences may be breached by:

    • Your under-slab treatment being out of date
    • Breaching of your termite barriers by tradesman working on your home
    • The addition of untreated structures
    • Gardens and trees adjacent to your home
    • Timber or other materials being stacked against your home
    Termite Protection
    • Barrier Treatment - 8yr warranty
    • Installation of reticulation systems
    • Routine Inspections
    • Monitoring and Baiting Stations
    Termite Treatments
    • Internal Foaming Treatment
    • Internal Dusting Treatment
    • External Stump Treatments
    • External Nest Treatments


    Rats & Mice


    Contributing Factors

    Getting control of a Rat or mouse infestation is a combined effort between you as a home owner and your pest controller.

    Various factors attract vermin to your home. Common attractants include:

    • Uneaten pet food
    • Un-emptied Bins
    • Bird cages and chicken pens (yours or your neighbors)

    Easy access points like:

    • Unsealed holes in walls
    • Overhanging tree branches

    Where loose rat baits are being used they must be inaccessible to children and pets, for example roof void.

    If treatments need to be used in other areas they should be used in lockable stations such as pictured here which the rats and mice have to enter to feed on the treatment blocks which are secured inside.

    Overall the use of bait stations is recommended in all areas as a safety against off target ingestion of treatments.



    Australian Cockroach

    Contributing Factors

    Cockroaches have a natural attraction to paper and cardboard. Typical areas which make it easier for cockroaches to get a foot hold in your home are.

    • Recipe Books
    • Stored files and reading books
    • Stored Boxes
    • Piles of shopping bags
    • Spraying of affect areas to treat cockroaches as they move around
    • Gels which attract the cockroaches to feed and ingest chemical treatments
    • Dusting of area where cockroaches are known to hide to treat cockroaches as they move around





    The treatments we use for ants are safe for humans and pets.

    We treat with a product which is applied by spray application called Fipronil.



    Dog Flea


    Due to the life cycle of the flea and the propensity of the eggs to stay dormant until they detect vibration or heat, successful treatment of a flea infestations requires good preparation.

    When preparing for a flea treatment you should perform the following.

    • Vacuum all areas of the home and outside entertaining areas where possible
    • Once you have vacuumed empty the contents into a black plastic bag and hang in the sun to kill any eggs
    • Treat all animals in the house
    • All pet bedding either needs to be washed in HOT water or if not possible wrapped in black plastic and placed in the sun.
    • Lawns should be mowed short.

      Treatment for fleas consists of spraying of all area inside and outside of the home paying particular attention to areas where your pets frequent.

      If necessary bed mattresses and bases are treated as well.