Pre-Purchase and Pre-Sale Pest Inspections

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Pre-Purchase or Pre-Sale Timber and Pest Inspection

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If you plan to put your house on the market, or you’re searching for your next place to call home, it’s time to start thinking about booking a pre-purchase or pre-sale pest inspection.


Comprehensive timber and pest Inspection.

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What is a Pre–Purchase Timber and Pest Inspection

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a professional inspection that covers all aspects of the property you are purchasing relating to timber pest infestations.

The pre-purchase inspection identifies the following:

  • Active timber pests (including termites and/or borers) that are present in the structure or surrounding grounds, fences, gardens.
  • Wet, high moisture areas that are conducive to future termite infestations or fungal rot and decay.
  • Identify damage caused by termite infestations and rot.
  • Existing conducive conditions that may cause future termite infestation and needs to be rectified.
  • Current termite prevention systems in place and to asses if they are still valid or outdated.
  • Lack of termite prevention systems and the best options for implementing a preventive management system/s for your property.


One Of Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Results

Why is it important to have a Pre-Purchase Timber and Pest Inspection?

When purchasing one of the biggest investments you will ever make, it is vital to know exactly what you are in for! You don’t need any unpleasant surprises down the line costing you $thousands in repairs.

The risks of buying/selling a property without conducting a professional pre-purchase or pre-sale pest inspection

With termites (also referred to as white ants) causing more damage in Australia than floods, fire or storms combined, its increasingly more important to have a Pest Inspection done when you are buying or selling your home or business.

  • Termites do cause damage to the timber used in constructing your property, including retaining walls, fences and even gyprock and carpets. Repairs can become extremely costly and the damages can negatively affect the sale of the property
  • Destabilize the structural integrity of the property
  • Hidden damage and potential risks resulting in future unplanned costs
  • No home insurance cover for termite damage
  • Making the whole experience traumatic and stressful instead of joyful because you actually profited from the sale

The Pest Bully specializes in pre-purchase and pre-sale timber and pest inspections – which means we know exactly what to look for! We will determine if there are any major issues with the property, diagnose the problem accurately and help you manage your investment cost effectively and save you dollars in the long run.

Why is it important to have an Inspection?

When you do all the hard work to sell your house for the best price you can get, you do not want to get a nasty surprise when the offer is on the table, and the property then fails the timber pest inspection. You may lose your buyer, or you may have to renegotiate the price on top of having to deal with the stress whilst having a termite treatment done and having to repair any damages.

A pre-sale inspection will assess the following:
  • Identify any timber pests inside and outside of the property
  • Severity of the damage caused by timber pests where applicable
  • Susceptibility of the building to infestation by timber pests by identifying those conducive conditions e.g. leaking taps, dripping overflows of air-conditioners.
  • Corrective and preventive measures required to ensure long term safety
  • Making an informed decision regarding the validity of your current termite prevention system, or lack thereof
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