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Do you think your property might have termites? Or you want to make sure the house you are purchasing is termite free? Then look no further!

Brisbane, the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast, are exactly the kind of areas termites love! A warm climate with moist sea breezes make these areas perfect for a termite infestation.

A team of licensed pest control inspectors and technicians are your best bet to find and permanently remove termites. With highly experienced technicians, Pest Bully is able to predict the colony’s behaviour and eliminate your termites for good.

Once a colony of termites are disturbed, they may retreat to the nest only to reinfest in a new location if they are chemically treated. Termites can severely compromise the strength and safety of an infested structure when left untreated, which is why regular inspections and treatments are key in any preventative strategy of their elimination.

Our team of pest control professionals can implement various methods to significantly reduce the risk posed by these unwelcome guests. Every situation is different and recommended treatment options will vary, which is why you should discuss with your Pest Bully inspector which treatment option is best for you.


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Many species of pests commonly found in and around your property are not only a nuisance but also detrimental to you, your family and your pets’ health. Although it may seem tempting to tackle the problem yourself, the disruption of some pests can make matters worse. If your home and its surrounding areas are not treated appropriately, the pest is likely to subsist or reinvade.

All Pest Bully technicians are highly skilled and experienced in tackling the issue head on, as well as putting preventative methods in place to refrain any pests from returning. They will also offer you expert pest management advice, tips and protection measures to ensure you and your family continue to live pest free.

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